Facilitating custom forums and private coaching are provided regardless of industry. These programs are designed for companies needing strategic planning, training and development, needs analysis, build/develop leadership teams, and/or enhance communication skills (team building) among team members (sales, production, management). For more information, call Nels at (847) 414-9730


30% reduction in service calls!

“Thanks to your coaching Nels, in the last five months you've transformed our sales manager into a performance powerhouse. He shows a sense of accountability and ownership that I didn’t see before. Now he motivates and manages our nine-person sales/design team into action! Because of that, we’re able to all focus on areas of our business that had been previously managed by crisis. As a result, I’ve seen a 30% reduction in service calls.

John Clarkson
J. Marshall Design
Chicago, IL

Big business improvements and more family time!

“As a result of your coaching so far, I have hired an analyst, delegated more to existing staff, managed my schedule more proactively, recognized some of the causes of stress in my life, included more personal and family time in my schedule, and identified more issues that need work. It’s no coincidence that our actively managed accounts have increased substantially since working with you. My “walking into the office experience” is also improving!

"I am looking forward to continuing our meetings. Appointments with you are a pleasure, and they always result in positive action items that are practical and rewarding to complete. Thanks, Coach!”

John Bever
Phase III
Buffalo Grove, IL

"Thank you for helping me regain control of my life and reconnect with my passion!

Dr. Steve Sproul
Des Plaines, IL

More profits,
more time,
and more control!

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