How Does It Work?

There are just two high-impact components each month:

One three-hour face-to-face roundtable meeting. With brainstorming, peer reviews, voluntary “hot seat” solution sessions, and more – you’re guaranteed to leave each month's Forum with a clear action plan.

One 60-90 minute private coaching session. Conveniently arranged at your office or meeting place of your choice. This is where you get the personal coaching to help you demolish barriers and consistently move forward toward your goals.

Don't let the simplicity of this system fool you. It has been proven to garner more profits, more time, and more control in your business.

When you join the Contractors' Leadership Forum, you’ll quickly discover the shortcuts that will work best for you and your company. You’ll be challenged, motivated, and coached on the specific action steps you need to resolve your high-priority challenges and reach your goals.

Membership Is Limited

The Contractors' Leadership Forum focuses on the Chicago area. Membership is limited. Specific requirements must be met (non-compete industries represented). Seating at any three-hour, face-to-face roundtable is limited to 8 business owners. (New membership may be closed at any time to protect the performance and effectiveness of its current members.)