Results you want

The Contractors' Leadership Forum equips the business owner in a service-based business to become the leader he or she desires to be. It can give you the advantage you need to take control of your business and quickly reach your goals.

  • Increase your sales volume and net profits
  • Take control of your time (and your life) with proven systems
  • Identify potential problems before things go wrong
  • Make the right hiring and management decisions the first time
  • Reveal blind spots and hidden growth opportunities
  • Unearth new ideas that will help you surpass your competition
  • Boost your bottom line by stopping cash-flow leaks

The gains come as we focus on goals and challenges in areas such as:

  • Profitability and debt management
  • Collection problems
  • Conflict management/resolution
  • Customer relationships and referrals
  • Customer retention
  • How to sell and/or buy a business
  • Planning your exit strategy

Members of the Contractors' Leadership Forum become creative and innovative thinkers. Meeting with your peers allows you to receive honest and open feedback. It gives you the motivation to embrace changes that increase your business growth and decrease your losses due to poor decisions.

It’s the Results That Count

There is no better proof than real numbers. These numbers prove that the Contractors' Leadership Forum really works.

…$37,000 in savings!

“Since joining the forum, I’ve been able to minimize the time I dedicate to damage control. This one change alone has allowed me to put substantially more time into increasing profitability, improving my time management, and spending more time with my family.

"For example, I was able to step back and analyze our advertising costs, and with a few minor adjustments -- was able to drop $37,000 in savings right to the bottom line! This has given me a 6X return on my investment in the membership already!

"My office staff has even told me I’m calmer, while at the same time becoming more effective in my leadership and direction.”

Tom Bott
Bott Roofing
Mt. Prospect, IL

One improvement gave me a 1,000% return on my investment in the Forum…

“The Forum is a powerful sounding board that gives me the interaction, coaching, and feedback I can’t get anywhere else.

"Even after facing a major lawsuit and having my partner pass away, I’ve been able to take a non-cohesive group of managers acting as “lone rangers” and transform them into a self-motivated, productive team, all working toward a common vision. They’ve taken ownership of their actions and are making decisions on their own. Some are even bragging about what it’s like to work at our company. This one area of improvement on its own has given me a 1,000% return on my investment in the Forum — and that’s something our company will keep getting month after month, year after year.

"Personally, I’ve made tremendous strides in my delegation and management skills. Thanks to the Forum I’ve been able to stop micro-managing and start asking more questions so that my team can figure things out by themselves. I’ve been able to shift 16 hours of my time every week, from handling mundane day-to-day decisions to now focusing on the big picture. Also, I am enjoying improved health and spending more time with my family.”

Jim Dvoratchek
Hard Rock Concrete Cutters
Des Plaines, IL

… A 20% increase in our company revenues in the last 12 months alone!

“As business owners, we answer to no one. And while that’s a great position to be in, it can really hamstring progress at times. One of the greatest benefits of my membership in the Leaders Forum is what you force us to do. You hold us accountable and hold us to our self-imposed deadlines. You make us think through a situation and not just let it slide. That’s one of the greatest tools for accelerated growth that a business owner could get!

"For example, instead of just learning a new management strategy to use with my team; you make me schedule the meeting, coach me through the process I’ll use, and have me set and stick to a deadline. By challenging me you’ve helped me to stop being a “reactor,” controlled by what’s going on around me. Now I’m better organized, more of a planner, and I’ve become a better owner/manager. And that’s meant a 20% increase in our company revenues in the last 12 months alone!

Tomi Minner
J + S Electric & Sign, Inc.
Aurora, IL

… I highly recommend the Forum!

"I have been a member of the Forum for the last three years. Our business has gone through many changes during that time, some positive and some negative. The Forum has been a place where I can “think out loud” about some of the next steps I need to take. It has also been a place where I have learned how others have handled strategic planning, hiring, cost savings and a host of items that every business faces.

"The Hollenbeck Group has become a better-managed and organized company due to the energy the Forum creates. We have started crew leader training, bi-weekly management meetings with my team, learned to manage by gathering hard numbers and have started to review every aspect of our business to cut costs and maximize profitability.

"There is a confidence in making hard decisions and starting new initiatives when you are able to discuss them with other business owners who have the same challenges. The Forum has broadened my perspective and kept me from making decisions in a vacuum.

"Nels has done a great job of facilitating our meetings to keep us on track and to be accountable to each other when we make commitments. I have no doubt that he has a passion to see that each of our business’s succeed and he has always made himself available to accomplish that.”

Dennis Warner, President
Hollenbeck Group, Inc.
Grayslake, IL

As you can see, business owners are making some

MAJOR improvements and BIG gains

in a fraction of the time it would take to do it on their own.

You can join them too!